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Select HCN Station

You have selected a topic that is based on an HCN Station.   Please select a station from the list to the right or by clicking on the map below.   See the text below the list for further information.




About the region and climate stations

Select an HCN climate station from the list above using the map as a guide for selection. Then, select a climate topic to view information for that station.

For climate information at a location without a corresponding HCN station
1) a region-wide view might give enough information, or 2) comparing HCN station data for locations with a comparable climate may give useful results.

When selecting a climate station, the "nearest" station might not be a good representation for your location because of its distance or differences in geography, such as elevation.

HCN data have been selected over other data sources because the datasets have undergone standardizing procedures to ensure the long-term climate data are comparable across stations. Available records vary, but the data on temperature and precipitation at most stations has been collected daily since 1900.

CARA uses a smoothing and interpolation method to "downscale" the climate projections to smaller areas to account for variations. However, detailed information for this downscaling is available only for locations with corresponding climate stations belonging to the United States Historical Climatology Network (HCN), as shown by the dots above.